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Trellows Estate Agents, a bespoke service

We were founded on the principal of professional service, transparency and ethical conduct. We have close working relationships with major developers in several countries, which enables us to not only find the property that will fit our client’s requirements, but we are also best placed to ensure that they receive preferential service whilst we take care of everything that may be associated with their purchase.

Why Are We Different?

We take the attitude that our obligation is not only to ensure that you have every chance of succeeding, but we also do everything we can to ensure your continued success. We continue to support, train and assist with marketing, so that you not only benefit from your own direct marketing, but also from our ongoing passive marketing, which is designed to help all our agents.

This opportunity offers a very high earning potential, with the freedom to work at your own pace, to your own schedule as successful individual.

You don’t need to have had any experience in estate agency although clearly, this would be an advantage – we just need you to be passionate about what you learn and do.

If this opportunity is not for you then please feel free to share – maybe you know somebody in the industry already that is yearning for more opportunity and financial reward?

This is very much a ‘people’s business’ so as long as you can communicate well and you can excel in customer care then we can teach you the rest.

How we help you launch your career


Launch your career with the rental and marketing of residential properties, but unlike other agents, you will be a bespoke agent, offering personal service.

Luxury Homes

Once you have adequate experience with 'whole of the market' properties, you could, if you wish, progress to luxury homes.


We have a large database of 'off-market' Investments & Developments' that you could market as you build up a client database.


We have lots of oversees listings, with opportunity for our team to work in some beautiful locations should they so wish.

Luxury Homes

Market properties in the upper quartile, throughout the UK.

Trellows Luxury Homes London

Investments & Developments

We have a large database of high value, ‘off-market’ Investments and Developments.

We have marketing agreements with some of the most respected developers in Dubai.

Trellows Luxury Homes Dubai
Trellows Luxury Homes Greece

With Greece offering a ‘golden visa by investment’ there is great demand for investments throughout the mainland as well as the islands.

Out stock of listings throughout Spain is enormous, which offers further opportunities to our sales partners.

We represent most of the developers in Cyprus and we also have a partner office which offers further opportunity for our team.

Luxury Homes, Investments & overseas

No other self-Employed model offers as much as opportunity as Trellows.

Expand your horizons
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