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Self-Employed Estate Agent Position Banbury

Estate Agent – Luxury Homes

Have You Ever Considered Running Your Own Fun and Lucrative Property Business – helping others to accomplish their dreams?

Joining our team is about more than doing a job – you’re integral to our collective mission. As you approach the path of growth and opportunity, we’ll be right there, cheering you on and building you up as you set out to achieve your goals. From continuing education to supporting your personal wealth (and health!) we want to see you thrive.

Are You Committed, Self-Motivated?
Do you have the skills and personality?

We are looking for genuine committed, self-motivated individuals who are looking for a fun and exciting new challenge – with long-term benefits, excitement of financial freedom and a business you can invest in and call your own.
Your Success is OUR Success!

When you join us as a sales partner, we have a vested interest to ensure that you succeed, we will only give applicants who demonstrate the right characteristics the opportunity to join us, for those who do, we want to ensure that you know exactly what you are doing, what you need to achieve and how to do so.

Build Your Own Brand

When you join us, we the company take second place to you, we will supply you with all the tools that you need to succeed, but our goal is to ensure that you become the face of luxury property in your area.

Roles and Responsibilities
• Marketing yourself and building a brand
• Social Media Marketing
• Making contact with owners of luxury property
• Valuing and listing luxury property
• Marketing and promotion
• Conducting viewings
• Negotiation and sales
• Building a successful career

“When you succeed, the personal satisfaction is immense in this industry – you will understand when this happens to you.”

Why Are We Different?

We take the attitude that our obligation is not only to ensure that you have every chance of succeeding, but we also do everything we can to ensure your continued success. We continue to support, train and assist with marketing, so that you not only benefit from your own direct marketing, but also from our ongoing passive marketing, which is designed to help all our agents.

This opportunity offers a very high earning potential, with the freedom to work at your own pace, to your own schedule as successful individual.

You don’t need to have had any experience in estate agency although clearly, this would be an advantage – we just need you to be passionate about what you learn and do.

If this opportunity is not for you then please feel free to share – maybe you know somebody in the industry already that is yearning for more opportunity and financial reward?

This is very much a ‘people’s business’ so as long as you can communicate well and you can excel in customer care then we can teach you the rest.

About Us

Our parent company specialises in the sale of luxury homes, which is a very limited market. Trellows will be a whole of the market company, selling both Commercial and residential property, at all levels. We are also partnered with the largest digital property auctioneers in the country, which will give you access to an additional source of income.

Take your Estate Agent career to the next level and share in the success of a luxury brand. If you would like to deal with luxury homes, earn bigger commissions and have unlimited earnings, don’t miss this amazing opportunity, send your CV through to us today!

We will train you, guide you and support

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